Are premium heading tapes worth the extra cash?

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What is the difference between budget and premium heading tapes?

Traditionally cotton was always used to make heading tapes, nowadays man-made fibre such as polypropylene and polyester are used.

The better-quality tapes are more likely to ensure strong upright headings are achieved.

There are two types of pockets on woven tapes, these pockets are used to house curtain hooks and will take the weight of your curtains.

Woven pockets are far superior to the corded option which is found on lower quality tapes.

Woven pockets are stronger, more secure and are less likely to stretch, stopping the curtain dropping and becoming uneven.

Heading tapes that need to be pulled up to create the desired heading have drawcords. These cords are used to pull the tape into position.

Premium tapes are easier to use due to their bulked drawcords. These cords contract when pulled allowing the pleats to glide into place. When the tension is relived the diameter of the cord expands stopping the pleats from moving over time.

Some tapes include coloured lines along the edges, these are to help the machinist stitch a straight sewing line.

All our curtains are made with premium heading tapes.

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