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What curtain linings do you use?

We only use the very best curtain linings available to us. Our lining is a ‘116 pick’ cotton sateen with a Teflon coating, this provides a crease resistant finish and is stain resistant against most house-hold stains.

What does pick count mean?

The pick count is the number of weft threads (horizontal threads) per inch. The higher the number the better the quality.

What is blackout lining?

Blackout lining is made up of three layers, this is where the term ‘3 pass’ comes from. This offers complete light exclusion and extra protection from the sunlight. The thermal properties are great for keeping the sound levels down and making sure the warmth stays in and the cold stays outside.

Is blackout lining black?

No, blackout lining is an ivory colour.

Does thermal lining really work?

Thermal lining has a thermal back coating the increases thermal qualities, it also keeps sound levels down. However interlined curtains are the most affective way to improve the warmth in your home.

What is interlining?

Interlining is an extra layer of heavily brushed 100% cotton twill that is inserted in-between the lining and face fabric of your curtains. Other synthetic options are also available.

Should I upgrade to interlining?

Once you have a pair of interlined curtains you won’t want curtains made without it again. Interlining improves the way the curtains hang creating softer, fuller pleats and a more luxurious finish. Other qualities include sound reduction and insulation levels.

If your face fabric is already very heavy weight, interlining may not be advisable, if unsure you can contact us for advice.

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