Martindale Rub Test Explained...

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https://www.gordonsmithmalvern.co.uk/upldir/news/Martindale Test

The Martindale rub test is a process designed to determine the durability of upholstery fabrics.

The fabric is pulled taught on a machine that simulates natural wear using oscillating discs of sandpaper or wire wool.

This process records how many times the fabric could withstand the ‘rubs’.

Less than 10,000 rubs - Fabric should be used for decorative purposes only.

10,000 rubs - Light Domestic Upholstery

20,000 rubs - General Domestic Upholstery

25,000 rubs - Heavy Domestic Upholstery

30,000 rubs – General Contract Upholstery

40,000 rubs – Severe Contract Upholstery

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