Curtain Making Service

Curtain Making

We offer a bespoke curtain making service including measuring, fitting poles or tracks & hanging the finished product across Herefordshire and Worcestershire.

We can offer advice on the best way to fit poles or tracks and help you decide the most suitable heading type.

All our curtains are made locally in Great Malvern by our team of skilled curtain makers who have been working within the industry for decades. They are highly experienced in making up all types of fabric to an extremely high standard.

Our fitters also have a lifetimes worth of knowledge on poles and tracks from Swish, Integra, Silent Gliss and other brands. If you are unsure how to dress your window, they are the best people to ask.

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Pencil Pleat

Pencil Pleat Curtain Making Service Malvern

Pencil Pleat is one of the more commonly used curtain headings.

It uses a 3 inch curtain tape that is sometimes referred to as 'Rufflette Tape' or 'Regis Tape', it has 3 hook positions on the tape.

The width of this heading can be easily adjusted by either pulling the tape up or letting it out.

Pinch Pleat

Pencil Pleat Curtain Making Service Malvern

Pinch Pleat headings are a more traditional style choice. They are made with double or triple 4 or 6 inch sewn in pleats. They stack back more economically than pencil pleat headings.

Use interlining to make the pleats look more luxurious!

We recommend that these headings are fitted on a pole not a track to ensure they hang properly.


Pencil Pleat Curtain Making Service Malvern

Eyelets are a modern heading offering a contemporary look, they have 40mm metal eyelets professionally applied to fit a 28mm pole.

The eyelets are available in multiple colour options.


Pencil Pleat Curtain Making Service Malvern

The wave heading uses a specifically designed tape and track to create a continuous wave effect. It is like eyelet headings, but the curtain hangs neatly below the track.

Heavy fabrics and embroideries are not suitable for the wave heading .