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    Warmies Plush Monkey Heatable Toy

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    Soft and squishy Warmies® Plush Monkeys come attractively packaged and appealingly priced. That makes them the ideal present to purchase for a little boy or girl of any age. Entirely safe to play with, and with a repeatable heating capacity that lasts for ages, a Warmies® Cozy Plush Monkey can also be a lovely gift for teenagers to exchange, and adults adore them, too.
    Simply pop your Warmies® Plush Monkey in the microwave quickly, and then rest him on your lap as you relax in front of the telly after another long day. Aaahh. You'll find the gentle lavender aroma he emits wonderfully calming, and he is never too hot or disappointedly tepid, but 'just right'.
    You can even use your Warmies® Plush Monkey as a brilliant bed-warming companion overnight, if you like. Thousands of children across the World already do. (The little monkeys!)


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