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    Warmies Plush Husky Heatable Toy

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    Did you know that huskies have a thick undercoat to keep them warm in even the coldest of climates? That means this adorable pup can keep every little girl or boy warm on chilly nights. They are also extremely energetic and love to play with everyone they meet, so you can have hours filled with fun with your new husky pup. 
    Unlike normal huskies who need a close watch, this little guy likes to keep close and cuddle making him the perfect napping companion. After only 90 seconds in the microwave, this Warmies®husky can go from a day-time play buddy to a calming night-time warmer. And you don’t have to worry about vacuuming all the fur a normal husky sheds!

    • Simple to use - just warm in a microwave
    • Can be reheated thousands of times
    • Surface clean with a damp sponge

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